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Currently, cancer diseases, including the number one cause of death in the world. In western countries, 1 of 4 people will die because of cancer. Research shows, in our bodies there are seeds of cancer that is not active. Just as all living organisms, our bodies continue to create cells that disability at any time. Such was born tumor. But our bodies are also provided with a number of mechanisms that can detect and control these cells.
Cancer cells berpeilaku not like normal cells. They reject die after a certain amount of cleavage, and poison the network around the chemical compound, creating inflamasi, which is required for their growth. The successful cancer provoke inflamasi, the more aggressive the tumor and spread to both their distance, until finally reach the lymph and spread to other organs. Experts find links between some types of cancer and inflamasi chronicles such as that caused by virus papilomavirus dilingkungan serviks, or environmental factors such as cigarette smoke or asbestos.
Cancer surgeon inflamasi measure the level in the blood of patients with various types of cancer since 1990 and found, patients with a low degree inflamasi lowest berkemungkinam greater life twice lived several years longer.

Inflamasi Triggers that can cause cancer are:
- Diet western
- White bread and pasta
- The red meat industry in diternak
- Oil is rich in omega-6 fat
- Product susu's livestock industry, especially the full fat milk
- Eggs from poultry farm industry that fed soybean and jaugn
- Stress, anger, depression, and that is not managed
- Physical activity is less than 20 minutes a day
- Smoking, the environment terpolusi, pollutant in the home

Which can reduce the inflamasi is:
- Food Asia, India, and Mediterranean
- Bread and pasta wheat
- Organic meat from cattle fed a grass
- Olive oil
- Product susu, particularly from animals fed grass
- Teur of chicken diternak in the natural environment
- Laugh, be spacious, quiet
- Street feet 50 mins, 3kali a week or 30 minutes, 6 times a week
- Environmental clean

Food contains a molecule-molecule anti-cancer is a valuable, consisting of:
Kaya akan Polyphenols megurangi the growth of blood vessel-pembulah needed for new growth green tumor.teh also powerful antioxidants that activate the mechanisms in the liver which helps eliminate toxic poisons from the body-in more quickly. In the mice, green tea effect indicate prevent chemical substances karsinogen Yana responsible for breast cancer, tuberculosis cancer, esophageal cancer, stomach kaner and kolon cancer.

Anti-inflamatory compound that is found most effective at this time. In laboratrium, turmeric enhance the effectiveness of Chemotherapy and reduce tumor growth. To diasimilasi body, turmeric should be mixed with black pepper, and ideally, should be dilarutkan in oil.

Garlic, onion, onion, flowers Bombay
All help to set up sugar that reduces sekresi insulin and therefore reduce the growth of cancer cells. Increasing the death of cancer cells in kolon, breast, tuberculosis and cancer prostat.

Shitake, crimini, Portobello mushroom and scallop stimulate reproductive activity and immune cells. Often used in Japan as a complement chemoterapy to support immune system.

Cabbage, cabbage flowers, broccoli, brussels spourts, contain anti-cancer molecule powerful. But boiling menghancurkannya. Tumis steam briefly or quickly in a little olive oil.

BUAH and vegetables KARATENOID Rich
Carrots, taro, sweet potato, pumpkin, tomato, apricot, and all fruits and vegetables contain bright colors and Icopene vitamin A, which is able to growth menghambt an aggressive type of cancer.

Bumbu AND Rempah
Rosemary, thyme, oregano, basil, mint and essential oil-rich family tarpene that reduce the spread of cancer cells by preventing the enzyme needed to attack networks nearby.

Citrus orange, tangerin, lemon, grapefruit contain anti-inflammatory flanovoid that there are in the skin. Buy-fruit-sitrus organic fruit, not the wax and add to the salad ingredients on the skin or skin seduh in hot water or tea

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